International Certificates

Trainings certified by the Chartered Institute of Marketing

The trainings certified by The Chartered Institute of Marketing are an interesting opportunity for those who want to broaden their marketing knowledge.
How will you benefit from the courses?

  • You will gain skills and knowledge which enable to create a professional career pathway and support top-level marketing managers.
  • Thanks to the knowledge verification system, you will have a chance to put the theory into the business practice.
  • CIM certificates comply with the European Union marketing standards.
  • CIM certificates are accepted by the western companies as the guarantee of a worker’s professional knowledge.
  • You will become a top-level professional who will not be surprised by the European Union market challenges.

The CIM certification system consists of four levels, from the basic FCM to the advanced Chartered Postgraduate Diploma:

  • Foundation Certificate in Marketing (FCM)
  • Certificate in Professional Marketing (CPM)
  • Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

FCM and CPM levels will be offered by the Tischner European University with the cooperation with questus – the CIM Accredited Center for Training and Examination in Poland.

Foundation Certificate in Marketing (FCM)

FCM is aimed at both those who directly meet in their everyday work with marketing, and those who would like to study marketing and make the first step towards a career in a marketing world.

Foundation Certificate in Marketing:

  • is the first step on a pathway for the professional development of a marketing career,
  • introduce into the business world,
  • gives knowledge and understanding of basic roles and functions of marketing within organizations,
  • focuses on building the fundamental knowledge in marketing,
  • is offered for those who have not gained any experience in marketing yet.

In order to gain the Foundation Certificate in Marketing, it is required to pass two exams on both mandatory modules:

  • Marketing Principles
  • Customer Communications

The detailed programme attached below.


  • Kick off session 6th November 2015
  • First session 20th - 21st November 2015
  • Second session 11th - 12th December 2015

Certificate in Professional Marketing (CPM)

CPM is aimed at the aspiring professional marketers who wish to develop and widen their skills and knowledge to make progress in a marketing career. It’s ideal for those working in marketing support roles and those whose current job encompasses elements of marketing.

Who can be the course participant?

  • People who have completed the Foundation Certificate in Marketing or
  • People who have one-year experience in marketing or
  • Students of faculties connected with management or marketing at higher education institutions.

Certificate in Professional Marketing:

  • provides relevant and contemporary marketing knowledge which directly corresponds with the current market situation,
  • offers the opportunity to compare own marketing activities with the international standards
  • due to its interdisciplinary nature, helps to build individual and group practical skills in management and marketing,
  • guarantees gaining knowledge and skills which enable to perform at an operational level,
  • is an excellent chance to join the group of professional marketers and establish contacts for the future business projects.

CPM consists of four modules:

  • obligatory modules: Marketing, Integrated Communications
  • optional modules: Customer Experience, Digital Marketing

The detailed programme attached below.


  • Kick off session: 6th November 2015
  • First session: 27th - 28th November 2015
  • Second session: 18th - 19th December 2015
  • Third session: 8th - 9th January 2016
  • Fourth session: 12th - 13th February 2015

The registration started in September!

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