Student projects

Student activity is developing not only within our societies. Very often, various initiatives are launched outside the interest groups. Our university, both financially and on the basis of merit, tries to support every activity. So far, the completed projects of our students show that the most important elements are a good idea and the willingness to work.

Below there is a list of the student projects at TEU that were completed over the last few years:

Projects for the „Creative Student” Contest

“Creative Student” („Kreatywny student”) is a contest organized annually by TEU. Its main goal is to support the students’ activities and enable them to achieve and fulfill their own ideas. The project can be about any subject connected to the university or students’ activities and interests. The projects handed in are marked by the committee and the best three get a grant-aid from the university’s own financial means. In this way, students gain a unique opportunity to complete their work. 

The Most Interesting Projects:

ENDO – Running Endorphin („Biegająca Endorfina”)

The aim of the ENDO project was to promote group running as an activity increasing our motivation and teaching us consistency and strength while achieving our goals. The project implied the establishment of the “Running Club TEU”, group trainings and participation in competitions. The Running Club TEU took part in Juwenalia marathon (an annual student festival that includes many concerts and activities), the 19th Student Union marathon, and Cracovia INTERRUN 2009. 

MS PROJECT – Manage your life ("Zarządzaj swoim życiem")

The MS Project aimed at developing the participants’ skills in favour of the MS programme, which enables the planning and development of the particular project stages. Within the project four meetings took place. They combined theoretical introduction with lectures and workshops. The project was completed in collaboration with the European Information Center of Małopolska Region and the regional group in Cracow “Project Management Polska Association”.

Project SMART PM

Within this project a set of management project trainings was arranged. They were organized as lectures and workshops during the weekends. The project targeted at students and all those who were interested in project management.

First Aid Kit

The purpose of the First Aid Kit was to train students in negotiation, cooperation and motivation, as well as to release paper and electronic publications about key questions in the field (pieces of advice about the topics discussed at workshops, guidance about effective operating in student groups, recommendations, practices). Several workshops were arranged as well, in which TEU students and from other universities in Cracow could improve their knowledge and skills in organization management .

Photography game

This project formed ten student groups of two people each. Their task was to find particular places in Cracow and take a picture of them. They were given clues which carried them from one place to the next. The play ended with a meeting and the exhibition of the photographs. 

Nakręceni Project

This project aimed at familiarizing students with cinematography, from practical as well as theoretical perspective. TEU students had the opportunity to take part in workshops concerning: writing a script, acting, directing, operating and editing. They could test their skills in practice completing their own film based on their own script. The project ended with the official show in the main lecture hall at TEU, in which all final works were presented. 

The Sport Integration ("Sportowa Integracja")

Its main role was to establish a floorball team and build an image of our university as a place for developing passions. The main goal of this project was to teach group cooperation, group communication and fair play values. Moreover, it aimed at showing that practicing sports helps you organize your time better (by dividing the time between studying and sport, and also by making training schedules for the whole team) and learn how to work within a big group of people.

Other Projects|TEU Students Involvement

Public Service Academy

The aim of this project was to spread among people values like public service and civil society. The target group were people whose active involvement helped Poland and its society develop. This consisted of a training programme which prepared students, alumni, and everyone connected to the public sector to operate in aid of civil society on a basis of merit and high ethical standard. Participants took part in meetings with highly positioned people from the most developed states and international institutions, NGOs, authority figures of public service, culture, home rule, and politics.

Anti-totalitarian Association – The Cry of Freedom („Krzyk wolności”)

This project was set up with the idea of making people aware of the dangers brought by totalitarianism. The aim of this association was to make society realise that they had the right and the obligation to build the country by themselves, and that this action was really necessary. The association activity targeted students influenced by totalitarianism who had not had the opportunity to function independently. 

TEU Volunteering Center 

The aim of the Volunteering Center was to popularise the basic pro-social attitudes among students. The volunteering activities offered by the Center were, among others: mediation in reaching those in need, supporting initiatives (for financial or physical support), and participation in pro-social projects in collaboration with other partners.

Kosovo Project – Challenge of the contemporary world 

The core of the project was to analyse the current economic, political, and social situation in Kosovo. It organized several meetings with representatives of NOGs, international institutions, and Polish and Kosovo’s governments. Apart from the activities above, collaboration between organisations and institutions was also established; e.g.: Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, COHU!, University of Pristina and University of Mitrovica. The crucial part of the project was the international conference “Kosovo – unwanted child of Europe”. Its main topic concerned the future of the Republic of Kosovo.

Holland meets Poland

Thanks to the project Exploring history for better understanding, by students’ initiative, 18 students from the Netherlands came to Cracow to explore the city’s attractiveness, and discover Polish culture, history and traditions. In turn they presented interesting aspects of the Dutch culture and history to our students. Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Department of Development Cooperation was the project sponsor.

Roads and Crossroads of Freedom („Na drogach i bezdrożach wolności”)

It was a project co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in “Promotion of Knowledge about Poland.” Thanks to this project, participants from Ukraine could meet Polish social activists who took part in the process of democratic changes in our country. The project consisted of numerous multimedia shows and training materials, a photography exhibition, a publication, and a conference that targeted international audience, media, scholars, and high school students.

Fencers for Palestine II (“Szermierze dla Palestyny II”) 

The project was a continuation of earlier actions – the Fencers for Palestine I and Civil Palestine. Their aim was to modernise and professionalise Palestine Fencing Federation. The project ended with the biggest in the history of Palestinian autonomy’s National Championships. The project was co-financed with the Polish Aid, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.