Philology - English Philology

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Faculty Attributes

  • Regular studies:
    • More than 180 hours of practical English studies
    • More than 200 hours of second language studies
  • Part-time studies:
    • More than 120 hours of practical English studies
    • More than 140 hours of second language studies
  • 4 foreign languages on different levels: German, Spanish, Italian, Russian
  • 4 attractive specialisations demanded on the job market
  • 7 specialised courses within a framework of each specialisation
  • 8 partner universities from abroad at which our students can spend even 12 months of their studies
  • Specialised labs for the simultaneous interpreting 
  • Studies of foreign languages combined with issues of intercultural communication, business and management fields


The Experts say:

We create studies in favour of those who have already gained education and want to deepen their language competencies in reference to their job. Usually, our students work and master degree is a crucial part of their professional career. Students who are looking for a perfect combination of practical skills and the specific development, which is provided only by Tischner European University, take up really difficult but important challenges. While developing our master degree programme, we take into consideration all of these circumstances. With the full responsibility, we aim our brand-new offer at mature and brave people who are looking for a particular knowledge and skills.

Jolanta Rzegocka, PhD


Studying Applied Linguistics at TEU gives an opportunity of spreading your wings both in terms of education and professional fields. The university offers education on a high level not only in theory but also in practice. This preparation helps students and alumni in functioning freely on the job market. While studying Linguistics, I met a lot of wonderful people and professionally active translators who were always willing to help and give pieces of sage advice. I warmly recommend TEU to everyone who focuses on development!

Kinga Kapias, MA
Alumni of English Philology - Applied Linguistics