Advert and Editorial Graphic






Specialisation “Advert and Editorial Graphic” was launched in favour of those who in the future want to mainly design for the traditional media. The courses content (among others: brand and corporate identity, packaging, pictorial graphics) is so board that it will allow the Bachelor alumni to further specialize in the chosen design branch. Students work mainly in three Adobe programmes: Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. The acquired skills include issues connected to visual communication, branding, and printing preparation.

Specialisation Partner

Malopolski Graphic Cluster

Małopolski Graphic Cluster

Specialisation Attributes – Your Advantages

  • Classes with specialists, who work in a advertising, editing and printing industry, will help students shape their skills and knowledge in a practical way which will meet the market requirements.
  • The Adobe InDesign course and perfected skills of using Adobe Illutrator, Photoshop and Acrobat Pro provide our students with necessary in the designer job skills.
  • During the studies the students will learn the rules of visual communication, designing various advertising materials and colours, texts and illustrations management.

Future Job Places

  • Advertising agencies
  • Design studios
  • Publishing Houses
  • Printing Houses
  • Marketing department in small and big companies

Specialisation Courses (selected)

  • Editorial Graphics – workshops of designing various multi-page publications – from advertising catalogues to books. Using Adobe Indesign
  • Packaging design – the course expands the visual communication skills by a product packaging. The module teaches both artistic as well as legal and technical rules.
  • Pictorial Graphics -  the course broaden skills of creating illustrations (e.g. technical and medical) and rules of using them in various publications.
  • Corporate Identity System  – within this module students will create their own logotype and supporting them Identity System (Identity Book)
  • Infographics – the students will learn the basic inforgraphic forms (i.a. graphs, maps, schemes) as well as more complex ones, which are usually used as a form of social or commercial adverts
  • Graphic Design – the students will develop different forms of applied graphics according to the given bases. The course combines work with real and creative briefs as well as CI Books  (Corporate Identity)
  • Preparation to Printing – the course is be run by the specialists from the Małopolski Graphic Cluster. It includes visits in printing houses and digital printing workshops at the Cluster’s 
  • How to use Adobe InDesign – the course teaches the programme that is used by the designers from around the world to design publications to print, e-publications and interactive publications.