Multimedia and Interactive Graphic






Specialisation “Multimedia and Interactive Graphic” was launched in favour of those who in the future want to mainly design for the new media. The wide programme allows the Bachelor alumni to specialize further in the chosen field.  The main course group is represented by courses of using specialised software. Besides the mutual for both specializations programmes (Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects), the student will be familiarized with others, frequently used programmes for creating websites, animations, sound, and interactions. The key areas of focus are developing user-orientated design skills.

Specialisation Attributes – Your Advantages

  • Courses with specialists of multimedia branch will develop the students’ knowledge and skills in the practical way and accommodate them to the market requirements
  • The courses on the specialized software (among others Adobe Premier, After Effect, Flash, Dreamweaver) expands students’ skills of using essential tools.
  • While studying the students will learn the rules of user experience design

Future Job Places

  • Interactive and multimedia agencies
  • Departments of multimedia in the design studios and advertising agencies
  • Games and applications producers
  • Marketing Department in bigger companies

Specialisation Courses (selected)

  • How to Use Adobe Premier
  • How to Use Adobe Flash
  • How to Use Adobe Dreamweaver

    Set of 3 software courses essential to multimedia design

  • Design Websites Services

    The workshops includes issues from UX to technical specifications. Students use Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Film and Animation Studio

    The course introduces students into the issues of creating animations and it develops film editing skills

  • Sound studio

    The course touches upon meanings and opportunities of sound usage in multimedia. Moreover, it discusses the sources and possibilities of using the free recordings as well as the recording process itself and synchronising sound with image

  • Creating the advertising multimedia

    Workshops of creating the multimedia intended for Internet and public space publication. Students work in various programmes, among others Adobe Photoshop and After Affects.

  • Interface Design

    The course mainly focuses on UX(user experience) issues to use in designing diversified applications (among others mobile applications, games, e-commerce).