Business Linguistics

Faculty attributes

  • intensive English course
  • intensive second language course (general language and business language): Spanish, French, Italian, Russian or German (from basic level*)
  • joining linguistic studies with a business aspect
  • reducing lectures for implementing practical classes: labs, workshops and seminars
  • specializations that allow graduates gaining knowledge, skills and key competences for both linguists, translators, and employees of international corporation
  • over a dozen of foreign partner universities where one can go for a scholarship
  • special laboratory for simultaneous translations
  • at least 3 months of internships in international companies, translation agencies, outsourcing corporations
  • linguistic conferences where students present their theses

* the group of a chosen language is opened depending on students’ interest and only with a required number of participants.


Detailed curriculum is available at the TEU Recruitment Department

Kraków, Jana Pawla II 39a Av. room 211

+48 12 683 24 04 (07)

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Future Job Places

  • international companies and organizations seeking business language and intercultural communication specialists
  • outsourcing companies
  • translation agencies
  • international companies and organizations employing managers, business consultants and foreign trade and international cooperation specialists
  • EU institutions and agencies
  • cultural institutions, film agencies, galleries, museums, which cooperate with international institutions
  • media – editorial offices, Internet portals, TV, radio – interested in specialist business language skills
  • international relations offices in state administration institutions, local government, keeping international contacts


Selected courses

  • Economic Basics
  • Applied Linguistics Basics
  • Management with elements of Corporate Culture
  • Communication
  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance
  • Economic Law
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategies in Management
  • Intercultural Communication in Business
  • Linguistic Pragmatics
  • Euorpean Life and Institutions
  • Introduction to Translation Theory
  • Practical Studies of Foreign Language – General Language
  • Practical Studies of Foreign Language – Business Language
  • Business workshops
  • Thesis seminar
  • Internships – at least 3 months