Projects for teachers and schools

For over 10 years, we have been working hard to create and maintain Tischner European University as an exceptional place where innovative education meets with the best preparation for fulfilling the job market requirements. Feeling responsible for youth education and preparation for the mature life, we share our experience with teachers by running a whole range of programmes, for instance:


KSZTAŁCENIE PEŁNE WYOBRAŹNI "Education filled with imagination"

Kształcenie Pełne Wyobraźni

The project aims at improving the quality of the education process for 240 students in 4 high schools in the region of Małopolska and Silesia. The improvement introduces innovative tools and educational materials via Moodle platform.

The project brings to life a lot of original ideas: modules scenarios, research trips (also research trips for the exceptionally talented students), educational materials package among them: blended learning courses, webquests, students projects, podcasts, games, video tutorials, exercises, crosswords, quizzes, case studies, e-learning courses, and films. All of this will be available for students and teacher on the multimedia Moodle platform.

The project is co-funded by European Union in the framework of European Social Fund, Priority III, activities 3.3.4,Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development’ 

I TY MOŻESZ ZOSTAĆ MAKLEREM. SZKOLNA GRA GIEŁDOWA "You can also become a broker. School Stock Market Game"

I Ty możesz zostać maklerem

The goal of this project is to spread and reinforce among the high school student the knowledge of entrepreneurship as well as economic education concerning stock and capital market.

The project is the only in this kind lesson which combines the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills conveyed in an innovative way. Thanks to the participation in the project, the students will have the opportunity to take part in trainings and meetings run by the representatives of the stock market field, engage in workshops about the investing in the stock market, create their own investment portfolio on the web portal, as well as learn to analyse the operations effectiveness.

The project is realised by Tischner European University co-funded by Kronenberg Foundation of Citi Handlowy


CZWARTA WŁADZA Z KLASĄ. SZKLONY KONCERN MEDIALNY "Forth Power with Class. School Media Concern"

Czwarta Władza

The project aims at developing in the young the crucial skills of information technology, foreign languages, and entrepreneurship. Basing on the special education programme, it also aims at creating conditions encouraging them to gain professional experience.

In the framework of the project, the tools which support students and their tutors are prepared: e-learning courses, workshops, meetings with journalists and specially prepared textbooks.

The project co-funded by European Union in the framework of European Social Fund, Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development’3.3,sub-activities 3.3.4


Sztuk Mistrzowie z Krakowa

The goal of the project was to spread the innovative educational tools in schools and to brighten up the education process. The main activity of the project was the location-based game. In an interesting way, it familiarised students with the unusual information about the history, arts and literature of the Young Poland period. Kraków Old Town was the place of the activity.

The Project was realised within the Framework of Akademia Oragne Programme.