The founder of Tischner European University is the European Certification Center. Its aim is to support TEU as a valuable part of polish educational system and an institution highly appreciated in the local and international market. ECC supports also an organizational and financial development of the University. Especially, a cooperation with the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (WSiZ) has an important significance. The joint activities of both universities focus primaliry on the use of computing achievements in the institutional management, student assistance and educational process. For this purposes the modern system “Uczelnia XP”, which improves an organization of the educational process and reduces administrative costs, has been implemented in TEU.  Moreover, the international contacts with Asian universities are an important issue, which enables students from the Far East to undertake the studies at TEU. The third area of cooperation is a grant activity and raising funds from European funds. In this respect, both universities are among the leading polish universities. Futhermore, ECC provides training in the field of computer science and foreign languages that enables participants to gain international certificates and creates authorized examinations centers.  

European Certification Centre (ECC) was established on the initiative: 

University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów (WSIiZ)

wsiizlogoUniversity of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (WSiZ) was founded in 1996 and currently is one of the best private universities in Poland, which has confirmed its high positions in the national educational rankings for several years. Nowadays the university teaches 10 thousands students, including 1300 from abroad. WSiZ offers undergraduate, graduate and engineering studies at several most sought faculties and specializations.

“Znak” Social Publishing House

znaklogo“Znak” Social Publishing House is an institution that since 1959 supports a development of polish culture and literature. Znak is not only one of the most dynamic publishing houses, combining ambitious level (Znak have published the works by: Wisława Szymborska, Norman Davies, Ryszard Kapuściński, Czesław Miłosz, Fr. Józef Tischner) with market success. Znak is also a meeting place of many scientific, artistic, political and business figures that for years has been indicating the standards of intellectual and public life in Poland.

Instytut Tertio Millennio 

tertiologoTertio Millennio Institute was founded in 1995 by Dominican Maciej Zięba and its creation was associated with the announcement of the Apostolic Letter “Tertio Millennio Adveniente” (1994). The Institute is a place of intense reflection on John Paul II’s teaching. In its activity, the institute tries to facilitate discussion between the different environments and groups, which - despite different opinions and experiences – combine concern for a common good. The institute organizes many debates, colloquia, seminars and trainings on John Paul II’s social teaching and carries out an research in areas related to social sciences.

Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan

lewiatanlogoLewiatan Confederation consist of more than 3 900 companies in regional and professional associations employing over 750 thousands of people. It is a member of Trilateral Commission for Social and Economic Affairs. It belongs to BUSINESSEUROPE organization, which represents the interest of entrepreneurs and employers to the European Commission, the European Parliament and other EU institutions. Lewiatan actively changes reality, where the polish entrepreneurs have to operate. It takes part in the legislative work and support business activities of its members including: counseling, training, organization and intervention in matters of current employers’ problems. At the same time Lewiatan invests in the future – mainly engaging itself in the educational projects and promoting a corporate social responsibility (CSR).