Linking cultures & business, empowering communities

Linking cultures & business, empowering communities

Language, Culture & Politics Association in cooperation with Tischner European University, Lynn University and University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley would like to cordially invite all to the 8th Edition of the International Language, Culture & Politics Conference “Linking Cultures & Business: Empowering Communities” 10 June 2016, Tischner European University, Kraków

Conferrence Programme “Linking Cultures & Business: Empowering Communities”

8:30 Registration

9:00 Welcoming Remarks

  • Piotr Kłodkowski, Rector, Tischner European University

9:15 Plenary Talk: Cultural Rights Education within Cultural Heritage Management

  • Leszek Korporowicz, Jagiellonian University

10:00 Coffee Break

10:15 Session One: Identifying

  • Challenges to Cultural Integration
    • Moderator: Clarinda Calma
  • The Aging of Europe: Challenges and Opportunities
    • Sharaf Rehman, University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
  • The Ghost Gun Community
    • Rafał Kopeć, Pedagogical University of Kraków
  • A Historical Biography of the Ancient City of Aleppo
    • Wael Fayyad, Adam Mickiewicz University

11:15 Coffee Break

11:45 Session Two: Cultural Perceptions and Misconceptions

  • Moderator: Kinga Kopeć
  • Shockvertising-iconoclastic Images in Advertising
    • Kinga Kowalewska, Adam Mickiewicz
  • Perceptions of Human Trafficking in the U.S.
    • Erika Grodzki, Lynn University
  • “Reality is Seen through the Articles One Reads”: The Contrastive Discourse Analysis of Paris Attacks’ Internet Articles
    • Monika Kuruc, Tischner European University
  • Polish Work Culture
    • Anna Florczyk and Małgorzata Mietkiewicz, UBS Business Solutions Poland

13:15 Annual luncheon meeting Language, Culture & Politics Association: Writing Workshop on Publishing with LCP-A Erika Grodzki

14:30 Session Three: Challenges and Solutions to Empowering Communities I

  • Moderator: Erika Grodzki
  • Empowering Communities by Developmental Strategies of Evaluation
    • Sylwia Jaskuła, Łomża State University of Applied Sciences & Polish Evaluation Society
  • Arts-based Careers in the Flexible Economy
    • Katarzyna Kopeć, Tischner European University
  • A Step in the Right Direction? Participatory Budgeting as a New Instrument of Social and Economic Inclusion
    • Joanna Dzionek-Kozłowska, University of Łódź

15:45 Coffee Break

16:00 Session Four: Challenges and Solutions to Empowering Communities II

  • Moderator: Sharaf Rehman
  • The Contribution of the Non-governmental Organizations to the Intercultural Dialogue and Communication
    • Monika Chomątowska, University of Economics
  • The Importance of Personal & Professional Learning Network/s in the Process of Effective Continuous Professional Development”
    • Lucyna Wilinkiewicz-Górniak, University of Economics

16:45 Closing Remarks

  • Clarinda Calma, Language, Culture & Politics Association


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  • Wyższa Szkoła Europejska im. ks. J. Tischnera, Kraków
  • Lynn University, West Palm Beach
  • Florida University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley, Rio Grande Valley

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